Facial Cupping

This gentle and effective treatment that makes us look and feel youthful and radiant. It tones your facial muscles and reduces under eye puffiness. It can literally give you a face lift by improving the blood circulation to your facial muscles. Say good-bye to double chin, jowls and facial bloating! This treatment is a very unique way of turning back the hands of time. 


This relaxing facial treatment increases circulation and nutrients to the skin, increases lymphatic flow, and reduces inflammation. By increasing blood flow and circulation to the skin, your skin will regain its youthful appearance. Results are seen and felt immediately.  


Benefits include:

Reduce puffiness
Lift muscles
Reduce dark circles
Minimize under-eye bags
Firm jowls
Minimize wrinkles
Plump lips
Diminish facial scars
Reduce sinus & allergies
Relieve headaches & ear aches
Decrease TMJ pain and swelling


Schedule your Facial Cupping Therapy: 

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  2. Choose date from calendar and click Search.

  3. Choose time from available dates shown.

  4. Register as a client (if you have not already)

  5. Your appointment is booked!