My name is Mariana and I completed my 200 hour Teacher Training Certification of January 2018 through Upaya Yoga School in Rishikesh, India. The 200hr Certification is through Yoga Alliance. I am currently enrolled in a Yoga Mentorship with Just Be Yoga in Walnut Creek.
My love of Yoga began about five years ago and it was such a natural feeling to me like I have done this before. Between those five years - I was not consistent until about 3 years ago where I practiced three times a week and after my body felt AMAZING! I was more aligned and focus onto my day. I enrolled myself to a Teacher Training Course in India and since then I DEDICATED practicing everyday in the morning and I started to tune into my body and mind where I found a connection of a deep gratitude and love. My PASSION is to share this knowledge with anyone who is interested in YOGA. I want to INSPIRE others, where my yoga instructors has done the same for me. I love to TEACH and feel so NATURAL on the mat where the FLOW magically happens.

YOGA is ALIGNING the CONNECTION to the Mind, Body and Spirit. 

Mantras + Positive Affirmations to ONESELF is SELF-LOVE.

Yin Yoga, Beginner Vinyasa Flow, Gentle Flow/Senior Yoga

Mariana Martinez

Yoga is the connection between the mind body and breath and having awareness not only on the mat but off the mat. My journey started 9 years ago, when I made the decision to change my lifestyle. I tried everything and when I discovered yoga it shaped my life and guided me to living a positive healthy lifestyle. My intention is to help guide you through your own personal journey.

"Every Guru has a Guru, therefore it's not a golden chain of teachers, it's a golden chain of students all leading to the ultimate divine" Anand Mehrotra

Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Beginner Vinyasa Flow

Angie Vetter


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Vinyasa Flow Community Yoga

Vina Naik

I've been practicing Tai Chi and Qi Gong for about three years, and practiced Wing Chun for about five years before that. When my Wing Chun teacher moved out of state, I went searching for another "gentle" style and found Tai Chi. I quickly fell in love with Qi Gong, and wanted to share it with as many people as possible, so found an instructor through whom I could get certified to teach it. I took a chance and went to a week-long seminar presented by Master Jesse Tsao and Tai Chi Healthways.

Since then, I have attended two of his seminars in San Diego to become certified to teach Yang Style 24 Short Form and Qi Gong, as well as two trips to China with fellow students to learn from Master Tsao at Wudang Mountain and Chen Village. I will be going to San Diego again at the end of June to continue my training.

Tai Chi, Qi Gong

Siobhan Stuart


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Classical Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Kundalini Yoga

David Trevors


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Stretch & Strengthen Cardio Core, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop

Jen Kauer