Lynda is an Intuitive, Pranic Healer, and Coach/Mentor, who uses her gifts to assist humanity. She has been on a spiritual journey since she was very young – like many of us who awakened early, she always felt different, knew things at a young age (reincarnation just resonated even though her Catholic indoctrination said otherwise) and struggled to “fit in”. She was certified in Reiki in the late 1990’s and was constantly reminded that she was intuitive and a healer but nothing resonated yet. In 2013 she began a meditation group and, after working with a mentor, her mission shifted with a divine request to open her own Circle of Light and begin coaching/mentoring work. She believes we are never finished learning, improving, or providing service to others. In 2017 she was certified as a Pranic Healer and Intuitive Intelligence Coach/Mentor.  She has expanded her offerings to include Soul Path Discovery Readings, Pranic Healing, and Coaching/Mentoring. She makes organic body butter, deodorant, beard oil and wraps beautiful crystal and stone jewelry infused with love sold right here at the Crystal Bowl. A trainer for over 20 years, she teaches a variety of classes so watch our Facebook and website postings! 


We are God, We are Sovereign,

And We are FREE Beings