Shiatsu is a form of Japanese bodywork based on the theoretical framework of traditional Chinese medicine. In the Japanese language, shiatsu means "finger pressure". Shiatsu techniques include massages with fingers, thumbs, and palms; assisted stretching; and joint manipulation and mobilization.

A few reasons to try shiatsu:

1. Benefits pregnancy
Shiatsu massage has been utilized for many years for assisting women in various ways. For instance it is used for helping women during their monthly cycles so as to relieve menstrual cramps symptoms and depression. In addition, shiatsu massage also has useful effects in pregnancy as well. During pregnancy, this form of massage is used for inducing labor and also assisting to ease swelling and morning sickness.

2. Rheumatoid arthritis treatment
Acupressure and shiatsu massages can assist to relieve the symptoms linked to rheumatoid arthritis. This disease attacks the joint linings and it is usually caused by chronic inflammation. Shiatsu massages applied to the feet and hands are highly effective in individuals suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Another way of alleviating arthritis is through applying this massage directly onto all the affected regions.

3. Relieves muscle pain
The shiatsu massage is vital for improving the general health of all muscles in the body. It gives muscles adequate nutrition through enhancing circulation. An increased blood flow helps alleviate muscle pain caused by undertaking in demanding activities.

4. Treats migraines
Migraines normally come about due to quick narrowing and widening of blood vessels present in the head or brain, thereby causing pain and irritation. Common migraine symptoms include vision problems, sensitivity to sound and light and weakness. Shiatsu massage may assist to offer migraine relief through relaxing the whole body and enhancing blood circulation.

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